Legal Services

While Ephraim has handled a vast array of legal matters, the subjects he most frequently managed as a business general counsel were contracts; intellectual property (primarily patents, trademarks, and trade secrets); dispute resolution (amicable and through litigation); mergers & acquisitions; employment (separations, internal investigations, and other HR issues); regulatory compliance (FDA, FCC, OHSA, SEC, DOJ/FCPA, etc.); governance; legal operations; and leadership (prioritization, mentorship, and career development for other legal professionals). Ephraim is also the father of a charismatic young man with autism, and through his experience raising him and looking after his interests, has gained expertise navigating legal rights in the education system.

Ephraim Starr, pllc is a solo practice, so Ephraim no longer handles litigation, patents, or M&A from start-to-finish, but instead focuses on engagements where, individually and meaningfully, he can help you identify and reach your objectives. For matters that do require teams of attorneys, he can also connect you with larger firms that share his values when it comes to effective, efficient, and high-quality representation.