What Clients and Client Representatives Say

"Ephraim is exceptionally responsive. As one example, in a matter of hours, he got back to me on a critical business contract and provided helpful advice so we could avoid adversely impacting our intellectual property. He also had good sense about what the other party would be willing to negotiate, even though they had substantially more leverage than my company. He was really there for me in a time of need."

Private Company CEO

"Ephraim has the strategic skills, business experience, and legal savvy to limit exposure and cost while maximizing business impact. He is an outstanding business partner and proactive leader who drives positive change with an almost unlimited bandwidth to accomplish many priorities. He would be a valued member of any executive team or board or a valued outside resource to them."

Lance Reisman, retired Danaher Group Executive and Vice President; Executive Advisor for KKR Industrials

"Ephraim served as the GC of PHC Holdings and was an instrumental part of leadership team that took the company public in an IPO out of private equity ownership in 2021. Ephraim impressed me tremendously with his decisive leadership and his ability to focus on critical high-risk priorities while also implementing and improving processes in Corporate Governance, M&A, Legal Operations, and ESG. "

John Marotta, former CEO of PHC Holdings Corporation (formally Panasonic Healthcare)

"Any business, big or small, steady, growth, or turn-around, could benefit from Ephraim's judgment, strategic insight, and ability to deliver effective governance, risk management, and overall corporate stewardship."

Alan Malus, retired EVP, Thermo Fisher and former Lead Independent Director, PHC Holdings Corporation

"Ephraim helped my high school senior and our family navigate a challenging situation involving another student. His professionalism, insight, knowledge, and demeanor helped us through a highly stressful situation ultimately leading to a great outcome for all involved."

Jim L., father of HS senior