Ephraim offers tailored legal services to small and mid-sized businesses with few or no legal team members.

Ephraim supports primarily US-based companies that have many legal needs but lack a well-organized or efficient way of addressing them. They may be hobbling their way through legal issues, and/or burdened by large law firm fees of $1000+ per hour for outside attorneys who do not fully appreciate their business, much less offer pragmatic, affordable, and tailored solutions for their situations. If they have an in-house legal function, that function might be overburdened with day-to-day responsibilities and unable to focus on strategic improvements. For these businesses, as a seasoned former General Counsel of many complex companies, Ephraim offers an array of services that provide a sustainable legal advantage at a reasonable cost. His goal for small to mid-size businesses is to make sure that they have a well thought-out approach to handling their legal needs, from blue-moon bet-the-company events to the daily work of ensuring compliance and managing risk, and everything in between


Experienced support to manage high-stakes legal events: M&A transactions, commercial litigation, IP litigation, major internal investigations. These high-stakes events typically require the business to employ outside counsel. As someone who has effectively managed outside counsel in high-stakes events for many years, Ephraim offers small and mid-sized companies a way to manage outside counsel with the expertise of a lawyer who has rich business knowledge, a pragmatic approach, and with the company’s interests above all else.

For critical and rare events like high-stakes litigation, internal investigations, and acquisitions, companies inevitably hire outside counsel at larger law firms who, also inevitably, throw teams of attorneys at the client’s problem. But if the company does not have an in-house legal resource—a lawyer who has lived through such events and is experienced in managing outside counsel—they will not likely get the best result. This can happen for several reasons. The outside law firm might not appreciate the business model and miss important considerations as a result. Or the outside firm may overdo it—it might take steps that are excessive in the circumstances, put too many attorneys on the matter, and engage in scorched earth tactics rather than focusing on what really matters to the client. In these situations, Ephraim can assist the company to identify what matters most and ensure that the outside firm’s lawyers are also focused on those same priorities.


For everyday legal issues, Ephraim’s focus is twofold. First, to make sure that the business has the right processes in place to handle the issues smoothly. And second, when needed, to roll up his sleeves and help businesses get the work done.